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Subway is one of the largest and most popular sandwich chains in the world, with over 40,000 locations worldwide. Subway Club The restaurant is, known for allowing customers to customize their sandwiches with a variety of meats. Cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and pieces of bread. But with so many options to choose from, which sandwich reigns supreme as Subway’s most popular menu item?

Top 6 Most Popular Sandwiches At Subway

While Subway keeps specific sales figures private. There are a few standout sandwiches that are, mentioned by the company as being top sellers. These include:

Subway Club

As Subway’s signature sandwich, the  contains turkey.  Its mix of popular meat flavors and customizable toppings has made it a customer favorite for over 30 years. With a Subway promo code, you can get the six-inch Subway Club for a great low price. It’s no wonder the Subway Club remains the restaurant’s most iconic and beloved menu item.

Italian B.M.T.

The Italian B.M.T. features layers of pepperoni, and salami. And ham topped with vegetables and Italian herbs and cheeses on Subway’s Italian white or wheat bread. It’s one of Subway’s classic sandwich offerings.

Tuna Sandwich

Subway’s Tuna Sandwich is, made with tuna mixed with mayonnaise and chopped vegetables on bread. While simple, it’s a go-to choice for many Subway customers looking for a lighter lunch option.

Turkey Breast Sandwich

Sliced turkey breast, vegetables, and cheese make up the Turkey Breast Sandwich. The turkey pairs well with many of Subway’s bread choices like 9-grain wheat or honey oat.

Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

Subway introduced the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt in 2021. It combines chicken strips, bacon, melted Monterey cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing.

Meatball Marinara

Savory Italian-style meatballs covered in marinara sauce make. The Meatball Marinara sandwich is a long-time Subway favorite.

Which Is The Most Popular Sandwich Of Subway In 2023

Subway Club

The Subway Club Is The Most Popular Sandwich. The number one bestselling Subway sandwich is the Subway Club.

The Subway Club sandwich contains turkey, ham, and roast beef topped with veggies and cheese. It first appeared on the menu in 1989 after a Subway owner named Stuart Frankel from Miami, Florida came up with the idea for the triple meat sandwich.

The combination of meats and cheeses appeals to a wide range of customers, making the Subway Club a surefire go-to choice. All the classic ingredients make the sandwich a filling and flavorful option.

Subway themselves have said that the Subway Club is the “number one, hands-down favorite sandwich” among fans. It has remained a top seller for decades since first being introduced over 30 years ago.

Why Is The Subway Club So Popular?

The Subway Club’s winning combination of flavorful meats like turkey, ham, and roast beef satisfies meat lovers. Its customizable ingredients allow customers to tailor the sandwich to their preferences. Subway’s baked bread brings it all together into a satisfying meal. With a Subway 15-off coupon, you can get this fan-favorite Subway sandwich at a great value. For its tasty blend of proteins, toppings, and signature bread. The Subway Club remains Subway’s most iconic and popular sandwich.

Combination Of Ingredients

The combination of turkey, ham, roast beef, veggies, and cheese gives the sandwich mass appeal. By bringing together some of Subway’s most delicious ingredients between two slices of bread. The flavors and textures of all the components complement each other well.


While the core ingredients make up a customers can customize it to match their preferences. Want extra cheese or more veggies? No problem. This versatility and the ability to make the sandwich your own contribute to its lasting popularity.

Nutritional Profile

While not the healthiest menu item at Subway, the Club is one of the more nutritious sandwiches. When made on 9-grain wheat bread with lean meats and lots of vegetables. It provides a decent meal for those looking for something filling but not too indulgent.

Familiarity & Nostalgia

Since the Subway Club has been around for so long, many customers have been eating it for years. Familiarity with the sandwich makes it a reliable choice. Those who visited Subway as a child may feel a sense of nostalgia when ordering their favorite Club as an adult.

Appealing Flavors

Turkey, ham, and roast beef taste good together. Add in melty cheese, vegetables, and a dash of mustard and mayo, and you have a sandwich with flavors that please.

Better Value Than Other Premium Sandwiches

While more expensive than basic subs, the Subway Club costs less than other premium sandwiches like the Steak and Cheese. For the higher-quality meats and flavor, the Club offers excellent value. Customers get quality ingredients without as high of a cost.

The blend of familiarity, broad appeal, and versatile customization options. Its status as Subway’s most popular menu item remains rock solid.

Other Favorites Beyond The Subway Club

While the Club sandwich takes the top spot, other Subway menu items have their share of devoted fans that help boost their popularity and sales. Beyond the already mentioned sandwiches like the B.M.T and Meatball Marinara, some regional favorites stand out as well.

Sub shops in Maine will find lobster rolls selling during summer months when the crustacean is more plentiful. Locations in the western U.S. may see elevated sales of the pastrami sandwich. The cheesesteak sub also dominates in locations within or near Philadelphia.

International Subway restaurants have some country-specific variations that are hits abroad like. The Cuban sandwich in locations in Spain and Latin America. The Thai Chicken Wrap sold well in Australia. The chicken tikka sandwich sells out in many locations in India.

So while Americans and Subway patrons worldwide remain loyal to the classic Subway Club. Local tastes and influences lead to favorites that extend beyond this leading sandwich.

The Future Of The Subway Club

Given its long history and consistent popularity, the Subway Club figures to remain a fixture on Subway menus. And a top-selling option into the foreseeable future. As long as high-quality deli meats and cheeses appeal to sandwich lovers, the Club has staying power.

Some speculate that emerging preferences for plant-based meats. And healthier fare may dethrone the Club. But for now, its supremacy remains steady. Whatever sandwiches may come and go on Subway’s menu, expect the Subway Club to stand the test of time as the chain’s signature, go-to sandwich.


With its winning combination of customer-pleasing ingredients, hearty flavors, nostalgic comfort, and customizability. The Subway Club has reigned as the undisputed most popular sandwich at Subway locations for more than 30 years now Subway Club.

Turkey, ham, roast beef, cheese, vegetables. And condiments merge into a reliable yet versatile favorite that retains its appeal year after year. While local tastes may differ, when looking at Subway sandwiches nationwide, the Subway Club emerges as number one.

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