What is Гражданская Оборона – 2001.05.27 – Концерт в К-Т Восход?

What is Гражданская Оборона - 2001.05.27 - Концерт в К-Т Восход?

What is Гражданская Оборона – 2001.05.27 – Концерт в К-Т Восход?


The iconic Russian punk band, Гражданская Оборона (Civil Defense), held an electrifying performance on May 27, 2001, at the К-Т Восход venue. This concert not only captivated fans but also marked a significant. The moment in the history of Russian rock music. Through an engaging exploration of this event. We’ll uncover the essence of Гражданская Оборона’s impact and legacy.

Historical Context of the Band

Грaжданская Оборона, which was formed in the early 1980s. Rose to prominence as a rebellious group opposed to the Soviet government. Using their music as a form of protest and expression. Over the years, their raw energy and unfiltered lyrics. Captured the hearts and minds of a disillusioned youth. Cementing their status as pioneers of Russian rock. гражданская оборона – 2001.05.27 – концерт в к-т восход

Significance of the Date 2001.05.27

The concert on May 27, 2001, was not another performance. It was a culmination of years of artistic evolution. And a reflection of the band’s enduring relevance in a changing societal landscape. This section delves into what made this day unforgettable for fans and the band alike.гражданская оборона – 2001.05.27 – концерт в к-т восход

Venue Spotlight: К-Т Восход

К-Т Восход, a renowned venue for live music. played a pivotal role in the underground music scene. Its history and significance as the host for this landmark concert are explored. Highlighting its contribution to the cultural fabric of the city.гражданская оборона – 2001.05.27 – концерт в к-т восход

Setlist and Performance Review

An in-depth analysis of the setlist reveals the thematic diversity. And the emotional depth of  Гражданская Оборона – 2001.05.27 – Концерт в К-Т Восход Each song has performance nuances. And the electric atmosphere created a unique experience for attendees.

Audience and Reception

The concert’s impact on fans and its reception by the. Wider public and critics underscore the band’s. Connection with their audience and their influence on Russian music. v

Impact on Russian Rock

This concert’s legacy and its influence on. The next generations of musicians and fans are discussed. Showcasing Гражданская Оборона’s lasting imprint on the genre.

Rare Moments and Highlights

Highlighting memorable moments and surprises from the concert. This section brings to light the unique aspects that made the event stand out.

Post-Concert Reactions

Examining the immediate and long-term reactions from the media. and, and the music community provides insight into the concert’s significance.

Comparison with Other Performances

By comparing this concert with other notable performances. By the band and their contemporaries, we can appreciate its unique place in music history.

Preservation of the Concert’s Legacy

The efforts to preserve and commemorate this concert through recordings. Memorabilia and fan initiatives are explored. Demonstrating the ongoing affection and respect for the event.

Interviews and Anecdotes

Personal stories and insights from those who were part of the concert—band members. Crew, and fans—add depth and personal perspective to the narrative.

FAQs about гражданская оборона – 2001.05.27 – концерт в к-т восход

Answering common questions about the band and this. Specific concert provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of its importance.

Where to Find Recordings and Memorabilia

Guidance on where fans can find official recordings. Videos and memorabilia related to this iconic concert.


Reflecting on the concert’s historic significance and. Гражданская Оборона’s enduring legacy. We reaffirm the band’s role in shaping Russian rock music and cultural identity.


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Engage with the Legacy of

гражданская оборона – 2001.05.27 – концерт в к-т восход

Discover the unforgettable night of May 27, 2001. And immerse yourself in the passionate world of Russian punk rock. This concert, beyond its immediate spectacle. represents a vital chapter in the story of Гражданская Оборона and the unyielding spirit of its fans.

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